Chardonnay who?


(from left to right: Meredith Terry, Sarah Wright-Schreiberg, Emma Shelton, Jessica Mele, Kate Jones, Rachel Rockwood and Leah Shesky)

Char*don*nay | ,SHärdn ‘ā | noun

​1. a variety of white wine grape used for making Champagne and other wines ​

2. a wine made from this grape

3. a San Francisco-based sketch comedy group that’s been winning over audiences with it’s variety-show sensibility, biting wit, and smooth, unoaked finish since forming under the moniker Monday Night ForePlays in 2009. Since that time, the group has premiered more than 17 and less than 321 original productions and has appeared in SF Improv Festival, SF SketchFestSF Theater Fest and other local comedy showcases. Chardonnay is written and produced by Emma Shelton, Jess Mele, Kate Jones, Leah Shesky, Meredith Terry, Rachel Rockwood, and Sarah Wright-Schreiberg.