Chardonnay Comedy Presents ‘One Night at the Ramada’

By December 11, 2016Front Page, Now Playing

May 10-19 at PianoFight (144 Taylor @ Eddy)
Thur, Fri & Sat @8pm

Chardonnay gets stuck at the Ramada this spring, and shit gets weird.

One Night at the Ramada doesn’t provide room service, but does deliver a local edition of Dancing with the Stars that will steal your heart, one traumatic bachelorette party reality show, an app that turns your sales convention into a night of forgettable sex, and a maybe (probably) dead politician in a snappy one-hour sketch show.

Book your night now for Chardonnay’s One Night at the Ramada and you’ll say to yourself, this 3-star comedy group and 3-star hotel belong together.

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