Chardonnay Comedy Presents “Totes Blessed!” this Fall

By December 11, 2016Front Page, Now Playing

Chardonnay presents Totes Blessed!

November 3-18 (Fri & Sat @7pm) at PianoFight (144 Taylor @ Eddy)

Chardonnay falls into basic bitchdom this November with their brand new sketch comedy show Totes Blessed! Afraid your love of mainstream trends is keeping you from living your #bestlife? Love pumpkin spice but hate the mental yeast infection? Looking for a safe space to unpack what being basic even means? Then this is the show for you.

Treat yourself (you deserve it!) to a celebrity life coach, learn how to tell your bestie that her baby will ruin your friendship, get your cardio in with some lady pirates, and dance like no one’s watching with Tilda Swinton.

Live Laugh Love <3 with Chardonnay at Totes Blessed!



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